Pearly Whites 

Professional Teeth Whitening & Dental Hygiene
laser and cosmetic whitening, gentle dental hygiene, take home whitening kits

Teeth Whitening and dental hygiene Services

healthy teeth and gums

Professional Clean and Polish $135

(includes bonus cosmetic (Express) whitening)

Teeth cleaning and polishing  is a basic dental service that everyone should have every 3-6 months. “Pearly Whites” offers a gentle clean and polish using the latest equipment. Your 60 minute appointment will include:

  •  a comprehensive gum health assessment,
  • oral cancer screening,
  • general teeth overview and  tailored Oral Hygiene Instruction.

  • thorough removal of plaque and tartar deposits
  • final polish of all teeth

Referral to our recommended local dentist or your regular dentist may be required for any further dental work and of course you will get a take home goody bag! 

healthy teeth and gums

Custom made trays and take Home professional strength Teeth Whitening gel $250

You will get very good Whitening results from the Professional prescription of a “take-home kit”. We can prescribe a stronger whitening gel following a dental consultation to determine suitability.

These kits contain higher percentages of whitening product than “over-the-counter” kits and typically consist of:

  • Custom-fitted application trays made of a flexible plastic material.
  • Custom trays help ensure that the bleach stays in contact with the teeth, for        maximum whitening.
  • Custom trays minimize the amount of bleach that can dribble onto (and potentially irritate) the gums.
  • The kits provide enough gel for one complete whitening treatment(7-10 days) , 
  • In addition, whitening refills can be purchased from Pearly Whites online store coming soon!

whiter teeth happy smile

In-Office 1 Hour Laser (Power) Whitening $350 

(Laser whitening treatment Includes a gentle teeth clean & polish & take home enhancement kit) 

Professional In-Office teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure worldwide. 
In-office whitening (also known as power bleaching, power whitening, professional whitening or In-chair  whitening) takes place under carefully monitored conditions. This allows for the application of a super whitening gel activated by a special light system. 
This system gives results that are visible immediately.
Your teeth will whiten five to eight shades, in approximately one hour.