Pearly Whites 

Professional Teeth Whitening & Dental Hygiene
laser and cosmetic whitening, gentle dental hygiene, take home whitening kits

Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone.  There are many different ways to whiten teeth and I will discuss the best options to suit you when you come in.

Before whitening your teeth it is important for us to  determine if your teeth are suitable for the treatment. 

When assessing your teeth for whitening, we will:

  • Ensure your teeth, gums and oral tissues are  healthy before whitening commences
  • Determine the causes of any discolouration 
  • Discuss with you the best method to whiten your teeth
  • Give you realistic expectations for results you can expect.. everyone's teeth respond differently
  • Determine the suitability of your teeth for whitening, existing fillings and "caps" will not change colour
  • If required, refer you to a preferred Local dentist for a complete dental examination, x rays, and any other dental restorative treatment          required 
Please refer to the Australian Dental Association website to read all the information you require regarding teeth whitening:


Compare the different teeth whitening options in the table below